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We recognize that the world needs all the energy we can develop, in every potential form. That's why our employees work daily to find newer, cleaner ways to power the world.
We are a specialized ‘Independent Power Provider’ (IPP), based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our clients / end users are only individual (single billing) customers i.e. hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, airports, large-scale industries and residential estates

GSL’s approach to Green Power Solutions is to create, modify, enhance, and protect the environment for all GSL clients through creating informed opinions in key audiences based on the creative and innovative green power solutions with truthful information.

The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the local conditions, the innovative approach to solutions, and the experience in work in international partnerships, enhance GSL's capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key audiences. Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of creative communications tools makes GSL capable of optimally satisfying the energy requirement of its clients."

The Company has its core presence in Nigeria and through their representative, in India, US and Singapore to cater to the global requirement of Power Solutions and to provide SW Design and Managed Services to a wide spectrum of clients. GSL employs about 16 management people at present. A large proportion of them are technically qualified. The team at Nigeria is well equipped with the latest technical abilities for all kind of Power solution. GSL concentrates to reducing the current OPEX, while reducing carbon emission.

The Company design and supply all kind of green power solutions to provide clean and reliable power for telecom, Oil & Gas and other Industry applications.

Energy & Telecom Construction:
Green Power Plants 2kw to 1000 Mw
Green Power Consultancy
Gas Based Power Plants 20kw to 1000 Mw
Telecom Green Power Solution Installation Services
Data Center Power Plants
SMPS, UPS, Battery Charger Implementation
Solar Solutions Mega Watt Capacities
Power Interface Unit
IPMS Supply and Installations
Fiber Project Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance
All Telecom Passive Equipment Supply, Install and Maintenance
New Innovative Technologies Solutions (Implementation and Services)
Reducing Operation Cost
Reducing Tremendously Carbon Emission
Power Crisis Management