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Oil & Gas / Marine Services

We are an experienced alternative to other contractors serving the very competitive Nigerian Marine and Oil & Gas sector. Our extensive experience in harsh climates, combined with our specialty equipment and consistent high performance in logistically challenging projects, separate us from the competition. We continually perform on time, safely, and under budget.
Our oilfields operation is based on professional project management, sound leadership, cost control, and communication. We are accustomed to working under the tight deadlines encountered when coordinating with several contractors to accomplish a project.

Tank Farm Fabrication
We offer a comprehensive package of services for tank projects that includes concept definition, design and detailed engineering, fabrication, procurement, site development, foundation and tank construction, painting and coating, commissioning and start-up, and operator training. Our projects have included everything from single tanks to complex storage terminal.

Single Point Mooring(SPM)
We are leaders in the field of SPM installations. SPM’s are becoming increasingly prevalent as they provide low-cost and rapid import and export of crude oil and refined products, using a range of tankers up to very large crude carriers.
We have expertise with anchored SPM’s, as well as SPM’s installed using both drilled and grouted and driven piles. We also install the associated pipelines; pipeline end manifolds (PLEM) and subsea and floating hoses.
We can also provide full commissioning and operations and maintenance services for SPM facilities.

Concrete Weight Coating
CWC can be applied to the exterior of pipes to provide negative buoyancy to underwater pipelines and/or structural protection to both above ground and underwater pipelines. It is currently the most important counter weight product in offshore pipeline, consists of cement, water, aggregates and reinforcement materials, with its characteristics such as fixing the pipeline stably on the seabed and offering effective mechanical protection for the pipeline. Compared with the pipe-in-pipe insulation, CWC is more efficient in saving steel, reducing labor force in the course of pipeline installation and lowering the operational cost.

Dredging Equipment
We supply the very best solution for every operational challenge in dredging. Whether it concerns a complex custom-built trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), or a basic model, we have the right vessel within the available budget for every customer.

Thorough knowledge of the self-propelled segment also puts the company in the ideal position to supply other types of dredging vessels, such as large self-propelled cutter suction dredgers (CSDs).

Tank chartering/Vessel Supplies
We are well-established within crude and fuel oil tanker chartering, and the whole world is our scene. With our thorough knowledge of the world tanker fleet and close relations to ship-owners and charterers that make for a good result for the customer.

Crew Boat
Fast and easy access to offshore sites is facilitated by crew boats for logistical support to the oil and gas drilling rigs and pipelines. Our crew boat services are used for transporting personnel, spare parts and goods back and forth from harbor to offshore sites during installation and operation phases.

Rigging & Drilling
We provide contract drilling and work-over rigs to International and National oil and gas companies for technologically advanced, high performance drilling operations. Our application of delivering value through growth and innovation in Nigeria

Tug Boat and Barge Supplies
Our Tugboat/Barge supplies aim to set the benchmark for quality operations by outstanding safe, responsible, reliable, and efficient performance in the marine transportation and petroleum industries.

Rescue Boat
Rescue boat operations in breaking seas, strong currents and rocky shorelines are a challenge even to experienced and well trained boat crews. Every second could be the deciding factor in an emergency situation. Our Rescue Boats gives you that additional few seconds, ensuring you are never too late.
Our rescue boat can be mobilized for operation on call and on lease or hire. We are ready when extreme urgency of response is needed!

Services & Construction
Tank Farm Development
Mooring Facility Development
Anti-Corrosion Processes on Oil & Gas Pipelines
Jetty Development
Water Ways Services
Dredging Services
Barge Services
Under Sea Services (Submersible Barges)